Lethbridge City Council has a broad mandate to provide good government, develop a safe and viable community and to supply desirable and/or necessary services to the community. Various planning documents and policies are used to activate this mandate.

The Integrated Community Sustainability Plan/Municipal Development Plan (ICSP/MDP), adopted by Council in 2010, provides a legislative framework for Council, City Administration and the community as a whole to plan for the growth and the changing needs of residents through 2050.  The ICSP/MDP contains broad policies, in six areas, intended to guide all aspects of municipal operations. The City of Lethbridge Public Art program supports two policy areas: Lethbridge is A Culturally Vibrant City: Lethbridge celebrating history, the arts and recreation as well as Lethbridge is a Well Designed City: Lethbridge uses land and infrastructure efficiently and maintains a strong park and open space system, a vibrant downtown, and quality urban design.

The City of Lethbridge Public Art Policy, approved in 2007, was established to provide a framework for this important community program.

View the full-text PDF of the Public Art Policy.