Tony Bloom
Steel and Cast Bronze

Threshold is the sculptural entry into the Royal View Memorial Cemetery. The design of the gate offers a transition zone for visitors to the cemetery, a moment to move from ordinary life of the street to a special place of peace and reflection. Even while the gates are open, the centerpiece acts as a marker and focal point for contemplative consideration, alerting visitors to the significance of the site, and providing visual cues that speak to the thresholds we cross when we are our loved ones move from life to death: from wholeness, to brokenness, and back to wholeness again.

The City of Lethbridge issued a call for this work in a two-stage art competition. The selected artist received a commission to design, fabricate and install an integrated public artwork for a new cemetery currently being constructed Lethbridge, Alberta. The work needed to act as the gateway to the new cemetery and needed to incorporate lockable gates.


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