Kelaine Devine


When humans first conceived of flight, they raised their arms to mimic the birds that flew overhead. Five common birds in southern Alberta are depicted to-scale alongside references to the digital technology that oversee our modern flight systems. The radar screen facsimile stands in contrast with the jewel-toned feathers of each bird, a nod to ammolite — Lethbridge’s official gemstone. Before boarding, stand tall, spread your arms alongside each wingspan and imagine taking flight…

Golden Eagle | Otaikimmo’tokaan (207 cm / 81.5”)

Turkey Vulture | Piikoki (171.45 cm / 67.5”)

Osprey | Paahtsííksistsikomm (168 cm / 66”)

Red Tail Hawk | Ksikkapiitaipanikiim (127 cm / 50”)

Burrowing Owl | Maatáásii (32 cm / 13”) 


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