A selection of intricately woven wood shapes mounted on the wall by artist Takashi Iwasaki


March 2022

Utilizing Canadian lumber and the Japanese woodworking methods Kumiko (interlocking lattice) and magewappa (woodbending), Hinode brings together the two heritages honoured at the Bunka Centre at Nikka Yuko Garden. The artist designed simplified organic forms which recall the sun, sugar beets, Canadian Rockies, fruit of fig and ascending spirit and filled them with intricate Japanese patterns traditionally printed on fabrics. This work recognizes those who demonstrated bravery and kindness when first transported to southern Alberta in 1942.

From the artist:
I moved to the Canadian prairie of Manitoba from Japan at the tender age of 20, young and mostly clueless, but with full of hopes and adventures to look forward to, all by choice. I would not say the same about the Japanese Canadians in 1942 about their choice, if there was anything called that. I will leave the details of their stories blank here in hope that you will dig in and learn about them in your own time. But I can tell you that from what I have learned about them so far, their stories are a textbook of my life which will guide me through the rest of my life about humanity, kindness, bravery, and most of all that there are no excuses for not trying to make the most of my life until the day I die.


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