Whether a large-scale contemporary sculptural work, functional elements integrated into the public realm, temporary video or sound installation or other site-specific interventions, public art has the ability to capture the public’s imagination. It can evoke aspects of the social, natural, cultural, physical, political, economic or historical context of the site and its locale. Public art improves the built environment and the community that thrives within it.

Public art enhances the urban fabric of our community by creating beloved landmarks, reflecting our local heritage, conveying Lethbridge’s cultural image while helping to foster a community identity. It is a source of civic pride, encourages social exchange and positively impacts economic development and tourism.

The City of Lethbridge public art program is the result of a collaborative effort by the City and its arts community. The City of Lethbridge established its public art program in 2007 when it adopted a Public Art Policy as a framework for the acquisition of public art, public art governance and the management of the public art collections. The policy also established a Lethbridge Public Art Committee as an advisory body for the program.

Lethbridge’s Public Art Policy defines Public Art as visual art in any media which:

    • Builds a visually rich environment
    • Provides art that is accessible to the community at large
    • Reflects our diverse culture and celebrates our living heritage
    • Demonstrates diverse expressions of art
    • Expands knowledge and understanding of art and culture
    • Prompts viewers to explore, challenge and question the work and its meaning
    • Creates a sense of pride and achievement in the community
    • Ensures a lasting legacy